Burrials and Cremation

The funeral service for burials and cremation is the same. Except for the committal. The service can take place at a church or temple and home. A short committal service may follow in the crematorium chapel. Otherwise, the full service can take place in the crematorium chapel.

In Australia, more and more people are choosing cremation. Hence, there may be a few differences between the states, and territories. Thus far, cremations outnumber burials. So, there may be other choices with burial and cremation. For instance, you may select a specific cemetery or crematorium to use.


Burials are predominant in rural and regional areas. In NSW, once burial occurs, the remains of the deceased are interred forever. So, for other options, you may discuss with the cemetery. The family may wish to consider the different options for the final resting place of the deceased. For example, graves may use a traditional monumental style headstone or a plaque. Your option of a lawn cemetery will allow only plaques. It may be placed within a mausoleum or vault.

Cremation Funerals

More crematoriums are available in urban areas. Thus far, cremations are much higher in the cities. So, cremations are more economical than burials. You should discuss the options with a funeral director. While cremation funeral is on the increase it is forbidden in a few religions. Thus far, cremation is more common for the Hindus, Sikhs, Parsees, and Buddhists.

Due to its final nature, cremation requires special documents. The funeral home takes care of the formal part. Hence, you must inform the funeral director of the time frame. Thus far, the funeral director will then complete and submit relevant documents for cremation.

After Cremation

After cremation the remains or the ashes may be placed in one of the many options. You may scatter the ashes in sacred water. It can be scattered on a favourite landscape too. Other option is to store in  a wall or garden at the crematorium. Thus far, you have a few choices.

Cemeteries and Crematoriums

In Sydney, you have have a few options for cemeteries and crematoriums.

  • Macquarie Park Cemetery and Crematorium – www.maccem.com.au
  • Northern Suburbs Memorial Gardens and Crematorium – www.northernsuburbscrem.com.au
  • Castlebrook Memorial Park – www.castlebrook.com.au
  • Pinegrove Memorial Park – www.pinegrovecrem.com.au
  • Forest Lawn Memorial Park – www.forestlawn.com.au


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