Death – Celebration Of Life

Death – a celebration of life…

Today, most families look to a service that celebrates the life of their loved ones. So, a celebration of life service is a form of end of life ceremony. Celebration of life is normally happening after the physical remains have been taken care of through cremation or burial. Thus far, people may get together to honour the unique lifestyle of the deceased.

Since the celebration of life takes place after the funeral service, it provides more time to plan the event. Hence, you make the decisions. So, you may decide as to how you may want to celebrate the life of your loved one.

Funeral vs celebration of life 

A funeral service is more of a ritual. Thus, it is more to do with the orderly. It may often be a religiously defined passage of the loved one from one social status to another. Whereas, a celebration of life involves more of telling the stories of the deceased. So far, it is interesting that funerals and celebrations of life may have so much in common. However, they often turn out very different.

Thus far, both are a collection of family and friends to share a common loss. They are both, ceremonies to share the loss of a loved one. Whereas one is more entrenched in tradition and the other focuses on the changes in social values. They both serve to help and support the grieving family or the community.

Traditional funerals

Funerals have been around since ancient times. In fact, the first known burial ritual was performed more than 50,000 years ago. So, it is these funeral rituals that people refer to as traditional funerals. It is a more somber event. Thus far, the service may include the visitation, funeral service, and the committal service may perform at the graveside. Thus far, we recognise this funeral type easily.

The visitation or viewing is often prior to the funeral. So, it may be the night before. However, it may be on the same day too. It is a period of time where people may gather to support the family. More importantly, they may pay their respects to the deceased.

Thus far, funeral service is mostly taking place in a funeral home or church. Traditionally a funeral service is led by a priest of a celebrant. So, there is a fairly predictable order of activities. The service may include readings, singing of hymns, and prayers.

So, the committal service takes place at the cemetery. It often happens after a respectful motorcade procession from the funeral service place. Committal service may include several of the same activities that are seen in the funeral service. It often ends as the coffin is lowered into the grave. Thus, the final prayers are recited.

Life celebrations 

A celebration of life concerns with telling of the life stories of the loved one. So, it is the moment in time when people may gather to reflect on their particular personality traits and achievements. Thus far, it may witness the change in their social prominence. It may be described as a hybrid event too. So, combines the many activities of a traditional funeral service and celebration of life. Thus far, a celebration of life service has more opportunities for creativity than a funeral.

So far, some people may view the celebration of life as an alternative to a funeral too. This decision may be based on the wishes of the deceased person or the personality. However, it is not always the case. Sometimes the deceased person may have wished their family and friends to turn death into a party.

Thus far, inappropriate behaviour at a funeral ceremony may be respectable at the celebration of life events. So, there are no strict rules. A celebration of life service may take place a few days and weeks or even years after the funeral.

Joyful event 

Generally, you should expect a joyful event when you attend a celebration of someone’s life. Thus far, the name itself signifies that attending to celebrate, not mourn. The event is less likely to use the convention and format of a religious funeral service. So, it will be more of a party than to commemorate the person’s death. 

Thus far, people attending should remember all the good things about the deceased. So, by definition, it should be joyful and celebratory.










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