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Price Guide.

Funeral Costs

The cost of a funeral is different for each type of service. Thus far, the leading reason for cost variance is because it depends on the service type and location.

Cost Factors

So, the initial factor that applies is whether it is a burial or cremation service. Hence, burials are more expensive than cremation. It is due to the land or plot purchase. Thus far, crematorium fees are more economical than the plot. So, cremation is more affordable.

The other major funeral expense is the coffin or casket costs. It may range from $1000 to $4,000. For instance, the high-end caskets may cost more than $15,000. Thus far, coffin choice is one of the easiest to personalise. So, you may consider to choose on what you like and cost.

Then there are fees and charges. For instance, the professional fees include 24-hour transfer, mortuary care and preparation. Further to this, it is inclusive of administrative duties, hearse costs and staff costs. You may experience not all funeral director may itemise the costs. Thus far, there is no standard, which is why the variances.

Cost Transparency

We believe in cost transparency and affordability. Especially when it comes to prices we itemise the costs. So, there is no secrecy about our prices. Thus far, our belief is that it time to support the grieving family.

There is a growing wish by the families to farewell their loved one in a well-crafted service. Govinda Funerals helps to personalise the service so, it may be distinct and memorable. Thus far, we encourage you to discuss your personal requirement and wishes. So, we are here to help.

Govinda Funerals is mindful that you should be able to afford your Indian funeral. It must be a respectful with compassion and dignity. As such, we take the liberty to publish our basic starting point estimate. Thus far, it is a guide. We encourage you to discuss your specific needs and budget.

No Service, No Attendance Cremation*

Starting from $1,995









This is a basic cremation service. So, there is no formal funeral ceremony. However, it a respectful creamtion. Thus far, the deceased is collected from the place of death, cremated and the ashes are returned to the family. When such service is chosen, the family may organise a memorial service. So, it may be at family home, a religious venue or a hall.

  • 24-hour transfers
  • Mortuary care
  • Staff costs
  • All third-party liaisons
  • Administration costs
  • Death registration with NSW Birth, Death & Marriage
  • Collection and delivery of ash to the family (if required)

Cremation Service (1)*

  • • Macquarie Park Crematorium – Macquarie Park, NSW

Starting from $7,205

$385.00 (optional)





$200.00 (optional)




Cremation Service (2)*

  • • Castlebrook Memorial Park – Rouse Hill, NSW
  • • Forest Lawn Memorial Park – Leppington, NSW
  • • Pinegrove Memorial Park – Minchinbury, NSW
  • • Rookwood Memorial Gardens – Rookwood, NSW

Starting from $7,483

$385 (optional)





$200 (Optional)




Terms & Conditions

  1. All prices are inclusive of GST
  2. Prices quote are for funeral services are within Sydney metropolitan.
  3. Funeral service on saturday and sunday incur addition charges.
  4. Transfers outside the Sydney metropolitan area may incur additional charges.
  5. Time slot are quoted for crematorium hire is for single booking. Hence, double time slot booking incurs additional charges.
  6. Final costs depend on options you choose. So, the costs will be itemised on tax invoice prior to the funeral.
  7. Coffins are priced from $1295 for Richmond collection. So, please refer to our coffin selection page.
  8. Charges are subject to variation without notice, as required.


We hereby make disclosures according to the Fair Trading Regulations 2019. It is regulated under the Fair Trading Act 1987 and the Funeral Goods and Services Information Standard:

  1. Govinda Funerals mortuary facilities are located at 3 Stout Street, Mt Druitt. It is owned by Sydney Mortuary Services (SMS).
  2. Transport of the deceased will be in an unmarked mortuary van. It may be either by Ian J. Arthur & Sons (IJA), or SMS. Thus far, the deceased may be kept either at SMS and/or the Castle Hill Office of IJA.
  3. From time to time we may engage other contractors to transfer our deceased. Thus far, it may happen when we have any logistic issues.
  4. We use all the major and some private crematoriums in Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong for burial and cremation purposes. Hence, our deceased are transferred in unmarked mortuary vans or hearses in accordance with Health Department regulations. Please don’t hesitate to ask us any questions that may arise.
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