Nepalese Funerals

Nepalese are mostly Hindus, so most of the funeral rituals are core Hindu tradition…

Nepal is predominantly a Hindu country. Thus far, the Hindu funeral service is most common. Buddhism, Islam, and Kiratism religions follow Hinduism. Nepalese prefer cremation as an end-of-life arrangement. It is mainly because of Hindu and Buddhist influence. In Nepal, cremation takes place at Pashupatinath temple compound. It is on the on the banks of Bagmati river. Thus far, the belief that a human life guarantees to those cremated at Pashupatinath.

Funeral service for other religions are available in Nepal too. Nepalese funeral traditions have stood the test of time. Thus far, there may be subtle modifications outside of Nepal. It is because of regulations and culture change. Hinduism may influence Buddhist funeral customs in Nepal.

Nepalese Death Beliefs

The river is the mainstay of Nepalese death beliefs. They believe it purifies the grieving family in spirits and physical. Hence, they prefer to wash the body in a river. With such a reverance to river, they want to scatter the ashes in a river. As pessimistic as it may sound, it accepts that death ends a life. Thus far, it is inevitable.

Since Hindus and Buddhists dominate Nepal, they believe in reincarnation. After a person die, they come back to life in another form. One’s karma determines the fortune. It may be a rebirth as a human. So, it cound be a lower birth of an animal. Moreover, their goal in life is to free themselves from the reincarnation cycle. Thus far, to achieve moksha and nirvana.

Nepalese embed the Hindu death rites and rituals. Thus far, they prefer a cremation. So, it may take place as soon as possible after death. This allows the soul to continue its journey. Hence, it stops it from being idle in this world.

Elaborate Funeral Rites  

Deep religious tradition infuses Nepalese religious rituals. Hindu Pandits and Buddhist Lamas provide spiritual guidance. It helps the deceased on its eventual journey. to the eternal world. Nepalese belief is that detailed rituals appease God and deities. So, the soul may be given an easy transition to its next destination.

They also believe that the soul itself needs to convince that it needs to travel to the celestial world. Thus far, they perform complex and arcane funeral rituals. The sole aim is to ensure the deceased soul does not get stranded. It is to reach the holy destiny.

Nepalese Funeral Service

Nepalese service performs similar to Hindu and Buddhist. It may be arranged at home and in the case of Buddhists at a temple. The funeral service follows core Hindu traditions. An open coffin is set up to view the body. The service allows mourners to place flowers in the coffin to express respect. Thus far, say their final goodbye.

The religious priest from the respective denomination leads the service. They will sing the hymns and recite passages from religious scriptures. The congregation may join the priests to chant mantras. A eulogy may follow. Thus, the priest reads the final rites before cremation.

After Cremation

The grieving family will submerge the ashes in a river or sacred water. Thus far, they then follow the respective mourning tradition.

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