Islamic Funerals

Islam funeral faith is that burial to take place as soon as possible after death…

The most important funeral rite in Islam is that the burial is to take place as quickly as possible after death. Islam faith believes in the afterlife. The afterlife depends on how well you follow Islam teachings during your life.

Muslims believe those who live a good life go to paradise after death. For those who don’t, they separate from all the good in the world. Thus, Islamic funerals serve to comfort the grieving family and to pray to Allah. It is the Islamic word for God.

Community Event

Islam considers funeral as a community event. A funeral is a very spiritual occasion. Hence, everyone in attendance may participate in group prayers. The mourners will pray to Allah to request mercy on the deceased and for all deceased Muslims.

Islamic funerals help the mourners to endure with their grief. It also offers hope for a good afterlife for the deceased.

Body Preparation

Soon after the death, the body is washed three times. There is a specific order in which the body is cleansed. The cleansing starts with the upper right side and then the upper left side. It ends lower right side and then the lower left side. A woman’s hair is washed and put into three braids.

A family member covers the body with a white sheet. The hands must place as if in prayers.

Due to the reason for a quick burial, thus far, there is no viewing and visits. The body is then taken to the funeral location or a mosque. It is very rare to have an open coffin in an Islamic funeral.

Funeral Service

The funeral service comprises of prayers, rituals and rites. They may recite prayers outside the mosque in a location like a payer room or a courtyard. It allows the community members to gather. The deceased’s body and the mourners must face Mecca. It is the holy centre of Islam religion.

A Muslim funeral is quiet and there should not be any talking to one another. They recite prayers silently too. Only certain parts of the prayer are said aloud. Playing music in the funeral service is unusual. Furthermore, crying for the deceased is fine. However, loud weeping and wailing are not favourable.

The Imam, a religious leader leads the funeral prayers. Mourners may form three lines. Men in the front line, then children and women at the back. After the prayers the body is taken to the burial site in a cortege.


The grave digs parallel to Mecca. The body places on their right side and facing Mecca.

Islam tradition is that only men attend the burial. However, certain Muslim communities allow women and children to attend the burial. Islam burial rites require the mourners to put three handfuls of soil into the grave.

Muslim Funeral Dress

Mourners mostly wear white. It associates with humility and purity. Furthermore, it allows to wear drab and dark colours too. It should blend in with sombre occasion like black, brown and grey.

Men are to wear plain pants and do not show any skin. The shirts to be respectful and cover everything to the neck. A woman’s attire must cover everything but their face and hands. Skirts go down to the ankles and long sleeve blouses to cover the arms and preferably to the neck.

Those of non-Muslim faith attending the funeral should keep in mind to dress modestly.

After Funeral

After the burial, mourners may gather at the grieving family’s home. This may be the opportunity to express your condolences to the family. They may serve a meal because they believe that socialising may help the family with their loss.

During the first three days of the 40-day mourning period, community members may bring food for the family. However, several contemporary communities may observe a shorter mourning duration.

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