Christian Funerals

Christian funerals include an opening statement by the priest or minister…

Christianity is the biggest religion in the world. It is based on Jesus Christ’s teachings with a focus on the relationship between God and the followers. Thus far, Christianity has several sub-groups and the largest being Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant. Each group may follow their own customs and rituals, including funeral rites.

Christian Death Beliefs

Christian faith believes in heaven, hell and purgatory. As such, much of their lives, the focus is on how they act. It determines where a person’s soul ends up. Thus far, the belief is the noble may go to heaven. So, they may be with the Lord. The sinners go to hell. For those committing forgivable offence must spend time in purgatory. Then they may move to heaven. Hence, the true believers in Jesus and Christian faith may be forgiven for their sins. So, it helps to achieve eternal life in heaven.

Thus far, Christian faith prefers burials. It is because of their belief on resurrection and the afterlife. If their loved one is cremated, the church requests that their remains are respectfully buried as opposed to scattering.

Christian Funeral Rites

Christian funeral rite is the final action of the faith in caring for the body of your loved one. The funeral rites comprise a set of regulations. Thus far, actions are to be carried out when a loved one dies.

The service will include prayers, Bible readings, hymns, rite of committal and maybe poems. Furthermore, a family member or a friend may deliver a eulogy.

Catholic funerals focus on rituals. Whereas, Protestant funerals focus more to remember the deceased. After all the purpose of a Christian service is to help the loved one’s soul to reach the heaven. It offers comfort and support for mourners too. Thus far, the community members help the mourners face the end of one relationship.

Christian Funeral Service

So, family and friends may gather to keep vigil before the funeral. They may exchange memories, read prayers and sing hymns. It considers as a celebration of life. Vigil may be at the bereaved family’s home or a church.

The funeral service is normally at the church, crematorium or cemetery. So, like many religions, a Christian funeral may be tailor made.

When the body arrives at the burial site, a priest or minister will sprinkle holy water over the coffin. It may follow by Bible reading, prayers and a number of hymns. The family may want to include a reading of a Psalm. It may include a mass where the priest or minister will deliver the Eucharist Prayer and Holy Communion. Then the priest performs rite of committal at the graveside for burial or before curtains close for cremation. Then the friends and family say their final goodbyes and will sprinkle small amount of soil in the grave.

After The Funeral

Mourners may get together at the family’s home to express grief and offer condolences. They may also read Psalms. Mourners may bring flowers or gifts for the family. Food and drinks are provided.

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