About Us

Parent Company

Govinda Funerals, is a subsidiary of Ian Arthur & Sons Funerals. Ian & Kellie Arthur own and operate Ian Arthur Funerals. It is an Australian family funeral home. Thus far, it was setup to provide an affordable and honourable funerals. Ian Arthur is a trusted and respected funeral director in Sydney.

Govinda Funerals Creation

Govinda Funerals was created by Ian Arthur and Raj Bachu. Thus far, Ian’s  industry experience and Raj’s Indian heritage is a meaningful combination. The creation of a boutique Indian funeral home in Sydney is on purpose. So, it provides us the experiece and culture knowledge. Hence, it gives us a competitive advantage. Thus far, it leads us to provide a personal and touching service. We want to be known as a credible and trusted Indian funeral home in Sydney. As such, we provide a resolute service. So, we strive to execute a service with compassion and dignity to the Sydney community.

Losing some one close is difficult. Thus far, we take a much softer and more personal approach. It allows us to provide help and take care of the family. In doing so, it sets us apart. Thus far, families of all religions and cultures are given tribute with love. We respect all religions and cultures and we tailor a service to suit. Our reputation is crucial for us. We take pride in our ethics and status. Thus, we provide exceptional service. So, we hope to create the moments for you to remember your loved one.

Purposeful Funeral

We are on a mission to take care of families in their most resilient times. In your moment of distress, we  strive to take care of your needs. We pay attention to the finer aspects of the funeral arrangement. Thus far, you give a peace of mind. Furthermore, it gives you more time to grieve for your loss. Allow us to help you plan a purposeful funeral. Let us guide you to farewell your loved one with dignity, love and respect. It is our belief that a funeral with dignity may help you create memories. So, it may create the moments that you will love to cherish. Thus far, you may celebrate the life of your loved one.


We pride ourselves to serve you with great care, compassion and personal touch. Your religious beliefs and culture are preeminent for us. Hence, it better positions us to understand your needs. Thus far, it allows us to meet your expectations. We believe it is our obligation to commit as much help, empathy and compassion during these painful times. It is our philosophy to serve you with honesty, integrity and tranparency. We strive to help you feel comfortable and peaceful. Thus far, our goal is to provide with an honourable and elegant funeral.

We are conveniently located at Unit 37/9 Hoyle Avenue, Castle Hill, NSW 2154. Feel free to talk with us regards your needs. You may either visit us in our office or call:

Office 24/7: 1800 454 422          

Ian Arthur: 0403 157 451          

Raj Bachu: 0418 402 126



Govinda Funerals